Cities Incorporate Employment-Focused Strategies into Crime-Fighting Initiatives

Written by Scott J. Sheely on Wednesday - December 31, 2008.

New York, NY, December 15, 2008:  Despite a general nationwide downturn in reported crime since the early 1990s, police departments and local newspapers in some cities across the country reported in 2007 and 2008 that the per capita violent crime rate in their jurisdictions has begun to creep up; in some areas the rate has increased significantly. To reduce crime, local elected officials have unveiled new crime-fighting strategies that include employment initiatives targeting people with criminal records.

These include wage supplements for employers, support of job training efforts, and more focused re-entry management efforts.  For a link to the whole story, click here.

Lancaster County Commissioners Announce Results of Crime Summit

Written by Scott J. Sheely on Monday - December 01, 2008.

On Wednesday, October 8, the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners announced the findings and recommendations that came from the Lancaster County Crime Summit that was held from June 11-13, 2008. Click here to download the entire report.

Over the three-day Summit, teams of people from law enforcement, the corrections system, community-based and faith-based organizations, community advocacy groups and others met to discuss the issues and make recommendations for the Commissioners. The first day focused on law enforcement, the second day on re-entry of offenders into the community, and the third day revolved around the prevention of crime.

Recommendations were varied but did bring into focus some public policy priorities from the people who are most involved. Scott Sheely, Chair of the Lancaster County Re-Entry Management Organization, commented that “our people were sure that, with the right coordination of services between the formal corrections system and the broad network of community and faith-based providers, we could positively effect the need to build a new prison in Lancaster County”. A day-report center was on the list of recommendations of the participants from the re-entry management system.

Going forward, the Commissioners will consider the recommendations from the Summit as they plan for human services in the County.