Lancaster County Prison

Located in the City of Lancaster, the Lancaster County Prison houses maximum, medium, and minimum-security inmates. 

In-prison services include medical and psychiatric treatment. Education, vocational training, and work release programs are offered but not mandatory. Most inmates eligible for work release have approved employment at the time of their incarcerations. The program allows only full-time work for those with minimum-security status.

Community service programs that provide services at the Lancaster County Prison include Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. Also, over 200 volunteers from community and faith-based organizations work with prison chaplains to offer counseling and mentoring with a religious orientation.

As a part of the RMO assessment process, particularly around determining commitment to the RMO project, representatives from the RMO provide a series of briefings on "life after prison" that addresses topics such as housing, employment, reconnecting with family, and many others.  This series which is twelve hours in total is presented by the various RMO contractors with the cooperation of the Lancaster County Prison.  The intent is to invite prisoners from the sentenced population who would like to be considered for the RMO project, providing a base of possible participants.


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