Board Meeting Minutes from January 1, 2008

Lancaster County Reentry Management
Council Meeting - Community Action Program
9:00 a.m. - January 30, 2008

Present: Jim Gratton, Robert Siemasko, Lenny Walton, Valerie Case, Linda Bird, Mary Steffy, Kim Wittel, Scott Sheely, Susan Ellison, Kay Moshier McDivitt, Tina Ling, Bahilya McFadden, Jon Singer, Steve Morris, Steve Brubaker, Fowler Wyman, Mark Wilson Lori Rank, Rick Kastner, Bob Patrick

Not Present: Eduardo Garcia, Frank Koerber

Guests: Todd Blankenstein, Lenora Porter, Traci Guynup, Tom Hyson, Gary Grube

Meeting called to order- Scott Sheely

Minutes of November 29, 2007 approved

Getting to Know our Partner Organizations

Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force – Tom Hyson

Task Force is attempting to put a system in place to address gang prevention. Agencies serving the youth of this community are coming together to address the gang issue and develop long range goals and plans that will keep efforts moving forward not just during the time of funding. One way to do this is to look at all resources already available in the community and explore how they can work together to resolve community issues.

PA Weed and Seed – Tom Hyson

They are targeting efforts for neighborhood revitalization which includes law enforcement efforts to address crime and reentry in targeted areas. They look for indicators of distress in a neighborhood and a base of people who can help revitalize the area. Funding resources are dwindling so Weed and Seed also looks for ways to strengthen and support existing community resources. Derrick Burch is the contact person for Lancaster Weed and Seed. Scott suggested that perhaps the RMC sponsor brainstorming and problem solving sessions with Weed and Seed and the Mayor's Task Group and the broader organization to tie in with some other scheduled planning sessions. The RMO mailing list can be used to get meeting announcements out.

Special Task group in Response to Latinos in Lancaster County – Scott Sheely

Scott announced that two -3 hour brainstorming sessions have been set up to take place before May 1st. These sessions have been planned as a follow up on the Latino Community Conference. Scott Martin is the Honorary Chair for the Latino Community. Planned sessions focuses are on; Poverty and Single Head of Households, School Dropout, Homeownership, Poverty and Underemployment . An announcement will be sent out with the complete schedule of planned sessions.

Discussion for RMO part in Crime Summit for Summer 2008 – Scott Sheely

A Crime Summit is planned for three days, June 11-13 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, at the Public Safety Training Center. Scott Martin and Mary Glazier are working on this together. Reentry will be a part of the summit, probably one of the three days. The county will pay for this summit.

Reactivation of Committees and Task Groups – Scott Sheely

Medical Issues Task Group

Eduardo Garcia is the Chair for the Medical Issues task group that seems to have lost traction. Eduardo will be asked if he wants to step down, if he does a new chair for the group will need to be selected. Val Case volunteered to interim Chair for the Medical task Group. Volunteers will be needed for the membership on this group.

Quality Review Task Group

Since Deon Roth has left there has been no leadership for this group. Need new leadership and to see how this group will be a part of the review of providers receiving funds. Will need at least (6) people on this committee who are not receiving HSDF funds from the RMO. Additionally a representative from each task group will be needed to be a part of this committee, possibly (2) from each group. Mark Wilson and Jon singer agreed to be a part of the group and Bob Patrick agreed to Chair. These individuals will do site visits to review the files for the providers receiving funds. These reviews will need to get started in at least the next (6) weeks

Community Relations Task Group

This group will be a liaison with Mary Glaziers group. Logo work still needs to be completed as well as the finishing work for the web page. Scott will check with those who were on the original committee under Chris Hackman to see if they are still interested in participating in this group.

Update on Disbursements of Funding from the
County Commissioners for 2007-2008 – Scott Sheely

Scott has been told that the contract has been approved and the county is working through the disbursement of funds. Quality Review will go with HSDF to conduct site review of providers. The RMC wants to drive this process. Val Case brought up that client releases need to be signed by clients to allow review.

Report and Recommendations of Task Groups (as available)

Service Collaboration – Linda Bird

Meeting was well attended and there was good dialogue and discussion. It was agreed that the panel would be made up of case managers reviewing client's cases in order to identify gaps in service and any duplication of services. This panel is not to oversee providers but for case managers to discuss the nuts and bolts of clients cases and services being received. The membership is not limited to providers who are receiving funds, but providers who are receiving funds can be required to sit on the panel. Selection process is not in place ye.It is believed that it will start as a pilot with a select number of cases to be followed through for a determined time. Client confidentially is an issue still being discussed and the possible use of client identifiers is being considered. Val Case offered input on how this issue can be resolved. Future discussion will include tracking, data bases and designing the structure for the panel. Next meeting is April 16th at 9:00 a.m. Career Link.

Benchmarking Recidivism – Scott Sheely

Scott spoke with Mary Glazier and she said the project is proceeding.

Reports and Recommendations of task Groups (as available)

Housing and FinanceLenny Walton

Lancaster got almost 1.9 m in HUD funding for housing. The Norstar Project received significant funding. This project is specifically for individuals with mental health problems. HUD funds can only be used for individuals who meet the definition of homelessness. People coming directly out of prison do not fit the definition. One night in a shelter will qualify a person as homeless. The Lodge works with over 150 landlords to provide people with mental health issue housing. The Lodge does work directly with Lancaster County Prison.

Education and Training – Scott Sheely

Career Link announced the next ID Clinic will be on the 21st and 22nd of February . The Ready to work program is going well. Work Keys testing is used to determine placement. Since November about 50 have completed the program. Roughly 25% of those going through the program are from local shelters. Todd Blankenstein reported that the 8 week Construction Apprentice classes at Thaddeus Stevens are going well. They now have a Saturday class in Mt Joy. A Job Fair is scheduled for February 22nd at Thaddeus Stevens. They are looking for other trainings such as forklift and heavy equipment operators and welding. Transportation continues to be a big issue and is often the biggest barrier in obtaining gainful employment. Inmates from work release at LCP have been involved in the training at Thaddeus Stevens.

Medical Issues

Rick Kastner reported some funding cuts are coming. Much of treatment is now being widely funded under MA/ Health Choices. For information on this you can contact Bob Patrick at DPW 299-7425. The Change Center is a customer service available by calling 1-877-395-8930. It is a viable way to contact caseworkers, because it is monitored for response by caseworkers. It is primarily to check on an application, request inter county transfers, and obtain general information or request forms or documents. Applications can also be filed on line at

Robert Siemasko will check on the possibility of a representative from Prime Care at LCP making a presentation at a future RMC meeting. .

Mentoring and Spiritual Issues - Kim Wittel

Upcoming Mentor training is scheduled for two consecutive Saturdays from 8-Noon on March 1st and 8th at the Grace United Methodist Church in Millersville and May 3 and 10th at James Street Mennonite Church in Lancaster. To register call Janel Beidel, 725-7540, at Love INC by Friday 22nd for the March training and by April 25th for the May training.

Report of Standing Committees ( as available)

Finance – Jon Singer

Just waiting for the money to come through.

Quality review

No report at this time

Community Relations

No report at this time

Reporting from Case Management Entities:

Transition To Community – Randy Martin

Not Present

Choose Your FutureMichel Miller

Not Present

B.I.R.D. Ministries – Linda Bird

Continue to offer pre-release classes in the prison for the women as well as community reentry case management services.

Things are going well at the House of Ruth and is currently full.

Other Business and Announcements:

Mental Health Court – Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson reported that a Mental Health Court is being set up in Lancaster County. Judge Margaret Miller has been selected as the Judge for Mental Health Court.

Meeting AdjournedScott Sheely

Next Meeting
March 26, 2008 at 9:00 am.
Community Action Program of Lancaster County, 601 S. Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa.