Board Meeting Minutes from March 26, 2008

Lancaster County Reentry Management
Council Meeting - Community Action Program
9:00 a.m. - March 26, 2008

Present: Jim Gratton, Robert Siemasko, Lenny Walton, Valerie Case, Linda Bird, Mary Steffy, Kim Wittel, Scott Sheely, Jon Singer, Jason Stauffer, Rick Kastner, Maureen Lewandowski, Michelle Sapp, Carlos Graupera, Patricia Dizon, Gilbert Abney, Steve Brubaker

Not Present: Steve Morris, Kay Moshier McDivitt, Frank Koerber, Fowler Wyman, Lori Rank

Guests: Todd Blankenstein, Lenora Porter, Traci Guynup, Tom Hyson, Gary Grube, Donald Raiger, Jim Kalish, Mary Glazier, Harvey Haack, Willie Darell

Meeting called to order - Scott Sheely

Moment of Silence

Minutes of January 30, 2008 meeting approved as amended. Correct contact number for Love INC to 735-7540 and in housing report it is Northstar Project

Scott introduced Maureen Lewandowski the CAO representative to the RMC replacing Bob Patrick who was transferred to Berks County.

Getting to Know our Partner Organizations

Lancaster County Adult Probation and Parole Services (APPS): Evidenced-Bases Practices - Jason Stauffer

APPS currently has (5) programs that supervise approximately 8,000 individuals. Evidence Based Practices (EBP), in terms of the correctional field, is the integration into agency practices those offender interventions that science has proven to be effective at reducing recidivism .EBP is a significant trend that is widely used in the field of Human Resources. There is a wide basis of scientific research that provides evidence that EBP is effective in reducing recidivism. Comprehensive analysis and comparison of EBP to other existing programs, such as Scared straight and Intensive Supervision, has shown that EBP offers responsibility morally in assisting clients to improve their life, socially in protecting the community and fiscally as the most prudent way to spend resources. All Evidence Based Programs showed a reduction in recidivism. Lancaster APPS began using Level of Service Inventory (LSI-R) in 2006 and is looking at more strategies to reduce recidivism and implement reentry practices. LSI-R is the most researched risk assessment available. A number of software evaluations are being used with LSI-R to increase the effectiveness of the evaluations of probation and parole clients. Using the LSI-R the higher the score the higher the likelihood of recidivism. Currently Lancaster APPS doesn't have any hard numbers for reduction of recidivism but indicators suggest the best case to be 40% with current reduction at 10-15%.

Adult Drug Court – There have been no major changes to the court. Internal changes include that the court is now under APPS Special Offender Services .PO Aide Mark Mowery is leaving.

Lancaster Job Court Program This court is using LSI-R and has found an impressive correlation in the scores in family/marital relationships and the length of time a client is in Community Connections. They didn't find a relationship between education/ employment and the length of time in Job Court.

Special Task group in Response to Latinos in Lancaster County – Scott Sheely

Scott announced a brain storming meeting is scheduled for April 4 from 2:00-4:00 pm at the Lancaster Chamber with Jose Diaz from Lancaster Police Department and Mark Wilson from APPS to look at the Latinos in the criminal justice system.

Discussion for RMO part in Crime Summit for Summer 2008 – Scott Sheely

Mary Glazier will be helping Commissioner Scott Martin coordinate the Crime Summit to be held, June 11-13 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, at the Public Safety Training Center. Law Enforcement issues are the topic for June 11, Reentry Management on June 12 and Prevention Issues on June 13. Looking for local speakers to participate and share talent and experience. Topics suggested for discussion at the summit included a look at the issues around children who are growing up in the situations that lead to involvement with the criminal justice system and the cultural and social ills that create some of the issues that contribute to crime and which basic needs are not being met. Scott summarized some themes that need to be addressed and cautioned that we should not try to be everything to everyone and themes should be limited to what can be done.

HSDF Funding from County of Lancaster – Scott Sheely

Funding has gone out and Jon Singer has some paperwork that needs to be completed for funding, so get with Jon at end of meeting if you were awarded funds.

Report and recommendations of task groups

Housing and FinanceLenny Walton

HUD Funding of 1.8m has been awarded with a lot of it directed to Mental Health. There may be the possibility of bringing in $2m with a goal to direct 50% to new projects. Announcements will be sent out so anyone interested in applying for funds will have until September to do so.

Education and Training – Scott Sheely

Career Link is running the short term training programs, Welding, CAN and Heavy Equipment Operator. Next ID Clinic is coming up May 11th and 12th .

Medical Issues Task GroupVal Case

Training on community resources available and Social Security and Disability benefits will be held on March 28th at 9:00 Am at Career Link. A meeting was held with Prime Care, the new medical providers at Lancaster County Prison. They were asked for a comparison on 15 points looked at in medical care. No answer received yet.

Mentoring and Spiritual IssuesKim Wittel

No report at this time

Quality Review Task Group: Scott Sheely

Bob Patrick who was to Chair this group has been transferred to Berks County. RMO will be doing self monitoring review of providers who received HSDF funds. Lenny Walton will need non-funded providers to assist with the monitoring reviews.

Reporting from Case Management Entities:

Transition To Community – Randy Martin

No Report

Choose Your FutureMichel Miller

No Report

B.I.R.D. Ministries – Linda Bird

No Report

Other Business and Announcements:

Jim Kalish is pulling together Sex Offenders Restorative Services. This is very new and we will hear more about it in future meetings.

Meeting Adjourned –Scott Sheely

Next Meeting
May 28, 2008 at 9:00 am.
Community Action Program of Lancaster County, 601 S. Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa.