Board Meeting Minutes from May 28, 2008

Lancaster County Reentry Management
Council Meeting - Community Action Program
9:00 a.m. - May 28, 2008

Present: Jim Gratton, Lenny Walton, Valerie Case, Linda Bird, Mary Steffy, Kim Wittel, Scott Sheely, Jon Singer, Rick Kastner, Patricia Dixon, Scott Lapp, Jim Laughman, Tina Ling, Steven Morris, Kay Moshier McDivitt, Lori Rank, Barbara Snyder, Mark Wilson

Not Present: Steve Brubaker, Gilbert Abney , Robert Siemasko , Frank Koerber, Fowler Wyman, Lori Rank

Guests: Lenora Porter, Traci Guynup, Jim Kalish, Mary Glazier, Harvey Haack, Nelson Martin, Regina Duell, Schirlyn Kamara, Anthony Hawks, Doug Hopwood, Katie Pinkerton, Amanda Mcfever, Patricia Dixon, Willie McDowell, Ebony Anderson, Michelle Sapp, Derrick Burch, Willie Darell

Meeting called to order - Scott Sheely

Moment of Silence

Minutes of March 26, 2008 meeting approved as corrected: Mark Mowery not leaving APPS.

Following Up the Latinos in Lancaster County Action Plans – Scott Sheely

Scott requested feed back on " Solutions from the Task Group on Latinos and the Criminal Justice System". The task group made (8) recommendations to help identify the issues of the Latino Community. Scott will be recruiting for groups to take hold of the recommendations and volunteers to take them on. Two of the recommendations discussed:

  1. Recommendation (42) Begin a dialogue between the Prison, Lancaster APPS and the RMO – Pre-parole and APPS offered to help with sharing more information about the reentry planning they are doing and how they determine who they work with in pre-parole
  2. Recommendation ( 39) Inventory all the after school and summer programs that exist in the city to help leverage resources- United Way Link is already working on this Discussion on the RMO part in the Crime Summit for Summer 2008- Scott Sheely/Mary Glazier

Mary Glazier reviewed the schedule. Reentry is scheduled for June 12th day two of the summit. The summit will be primarily information followed with discussion. The afternoon will include break out sessions. Public is invited to observe, participation by invitation only.

2008-09 HSDF Funding from Lancaster County – Scott Sheely

Lenny Walton shared that of the HSDF Funding reviews that had been completed there were some good looking outcomes. For 2008-09 they will be looking for proposals that address specific work with offenders. They do not want to just award funds. They are discussing how to be more specific or focused, what this will be still needs to be clarified. Discussion centered around need for clear goals about what the RMO is wanting to accomplish. It was suggested to start by concentrating on reentry case management issues with a small project targeting and tracking 25-30 individuals. It was agreed that more dialogue with the County Commissioners is needed. Mark Wilson suggested that an RFP be drafted as soon as possible and review particulars through an email exchange. This could be done by the end of June. Scott announced that the funds allocated for 2008-09 are around $139,000, down approximately $35,000 from last year.

Changes in By-Laws to Support Incorporation of the
Lancaster Reentry Management Organization – Scott Sheely

Scott explained that the current By-Laws had officers serving terms of (2) years and elections to be held every (3) years. If the By-Laws stayed the same an election would need to be held at this meeting. To eliminate the confusion of terms and elections Jon Singer made a motion that the terms of the officers be (3) years and an election to be held every (3) years at the last meeting of the fiscal year. Val Case seconded and the motion was passed by the council.

Executive Committee of the RMO brought a motion forward to incorporate the RMO and motion was second by Val Case. Council discussion didn't see the need to incorporate the RMO but did understand the possible need for liability insurance. It was decided that insurance to protect the officers even if the RMO did not incorporate should be looked into, possibly have an attorney come and talk to the council about what can be done to protect the officers without incorporating. Val Case withdrew her second and the Executive Committee withdrew the motion to incorporate.

A Conversation about Services to Sexual Offenders - Jim Kalish

Jim Kalish reported on his experience in working with Sexual Offenders and offered the following comments:

  • A need for a change in public policy regarding sexual offenders;
  • Megan's Law in many ways in counter productive and there is no evidence that it is reducing recidivism;
  • The faith community needs to be a consistent resource for sexual offenders;
  • Sexual Offenders of all types are put together, there should a process to separate serious predators, which represent only 10% of the sexual offender population;

Jim requested that the RMO look at the needs of sexual offenders and consider a special task group and funding for this group of offenders. The position of the RMC after discussing this was the sexual offender is a part of the offender population so we are addressing their needs as well as all other offenders. It may be possible to have a task group look at the gaps for this population and have a report back to the council. The council encouraged Jim to continue his work with sexual offenders, it is important and his insight in to the issues of this population is valuable.

No Reports from Task groups or Standing Committees

Other Business and Announcements from members of the RMO:

ID Clinic - there will be two clinics scheduled for June. June 12th and 13th and June 19th and 20th from 9:00 to 4:00. Both clinics will focus on ex-offenders. Call Lori Rank at 509-5613 Ext. 230 for more information.

Providers Collaboration Committee (PCC) - Harvey Haack handed out a report on the Providers Collaboration Committee (PCC). Meetings are scheduled the third Wednesday of each month at 9:00am at Career Link , 1016 Charlotte Street, Lancaster, Pa.

Meeting Adjourned – Jon Singer

Next Meeting
July 30, 2008 at 9:00 am.
Community Action Program of Lancaster County, 601 S. Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa.