Board Meeting Minutes from September 24, 2008

Lancaster County Reentry Management
Council Meeting - Career Link 9:00 a.m.
September 24, 2008

Present: Karen Andreadis, Gilbert Abney, Valerie Case, Linda Bird, Mary Steffy, Scott Sheely, Steven Morris, Pete Anders, Harvey Haack, Ebony Anderson, Rick Kastner, Jim Laughman, Tina Ling, Trish Link, Kay Moshier McDivitt, Kim Wittel

Not Present: Beth Bulat, Robert Siemasko, Brian Wiczkowski, Thomas Brownlee, Carlos Graupera, Steve Brubaker, Lori Rank, Patricia Dixon, Jon Singer, Mark Wilson, Scott Lapp, Lenny Walton, Jim Gratton, Frank Koerber, Fowler Wyman

Guests: Jim Kalish, Manuel Arroyo, Marge Mowrer, Tom Clingan

Meeting called to order - Scott Sheely

Moment of Silence

Minutes of July 30, 2008 meeting approved

Open Discussion – Where do we go from here? Strategic Vision

Discussion summary:

  • RMC has an opportunity to have input to County Government and Criminal Justice System that is in place
  • Need a more formal connection with providers; integrate with ICH and others to be a part of the process
  • Need more community awareness to improve public relations and get a finger on the pulse of community about NIMBY and other issues
  • RMC needs strategic goals with clear objectives and measurements of what works
  • Case management panel will be built into this years demonstration project not open to the public, case managers only using a universal release to allow for open and frank discussions

A motion was made to formalize the case conferencing capabilities and open it only to case management providers.

Motion accepted and approved.

A request was made to see if Mary Glazier could provide an intern to help the RMC with outcomes for the demonstration project.

Kim Wittel spoke to the difference in the faith communities approach to services. Faith community is more focused on the individual not the numbers. So outcomes measurement is not normally a strength within the faith community. Sometimes the faith community is looked as the "fix it" for all community ills. Faith community is often very vested in going inside the walls but not always on the outside. More education needed on how we can help on the outside and work together. In the spring the Christian Alliance for Prison Aftercare ( CAPA) was formed to help bring the faith community together to work in aftercare and bring awareness to the specifics of aftercare.

2008-2009 HSDF Funding from the County of Lancaster - Demonstration Project

Pre-Release - Pre-parole will take people through a pre-release check list and select candidates for the project

Community Resource Coordinator – Liaison with Probation ad Parole/Pre-Parole to coordinate services and follow up for clients in project

Transition Resources - Providers identified to provide a service at a specified rate, such as housing and Drug and Alcohol

Providers who bid on these services that have been selected will be notified in a few days

Report and Recommendations of Ad Hoc Task Groups

Benchmarking Recidivism - Mary Glazier

No Report

Report and recommendations of Task Groups:

Housing and Finance - Lenny Walton

No Report

Education and Training - Scott Sheely

No report

Medical Issues - Val Case

No report

Mentoring and Spirituality – Kim Wittel

COBYS has lost their funding for mentor training, but Love INC is working with COBYS to find some funding for 2009. They will also offer specific seminars in addition to mentor training and hope to have a resource library established at Love INC in the near future.

Report of standing Committees:

Finance – Scott Sheely

Currently working with Tabor to transfer the fiscal agent responsibilities to WIB .

Community Relations – Scott Sheely

The web site is being revamped and will include an events calendar. Looking to revive the community relations committee.

Reports from Case Management Entities:

Transition To Community (TTC) – Steve Morris

TTC had a community event over the weekend to help raise awareness in the community about the ministries and their services. Bridge of Hope and City of Refuge were also apart of the event also. It was a chicken barbeque and about 500 people turned out for it. It was received well and it was a good community outreach.

B.I.R.D. Ministries – Linda Bird

Evening of Elegance is scheduled for October 24th and 25th. It will be held at the House of Ruth. It is a fund raiser but is also structured to educate and inform the public about reentry as well as what we are doing to help women who have been in prison. Annual Christmas Open House is scheduled for December 5th and 6th

Other Business:

Support for Prison Ministries annual auction will be held on October 24th and 25th

Jim Kalish will be speaking at the Quaker Meeting this upcoming Sunday

Career Link will be offering pre-employment skill training opportunities:

  • Welding
  • Food Sanitation
  • Customer Service
  • Machine Operator

More information about these trainings is available at the Lancaster County WIB web site.

Adjournment – Scott Sheely

Next Meeting
November 19, 2008
Community Action Program of Lancaster County, 601 S. Queen Street, Lancaster