100th Graduate of RMO Reentry Course at Lancaster County Prison

on Friday - June 14, 2013.

100th Graduate of RMO Reentry Course at Lancaster County Prison

The Lancaster County RMO has just graduated the 100th person from the RMO Reentry Course that's been running at Lancaster County Prison since January, 2011.  The twelve-hour pre-release program covers money management, healthy relationships, parenting and family responsibilities, health and mental health, addiction, relapse and wellness, housing, transportation, and community resources. 

The curriculum was originally developed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections and has been used successfully with every transitioning inmate in Minnesota prisons and jails for over ten years. The curriculum is also listed as a recommended curriculum by the National Institute of Corrections. 

Recent participants have said about the program . . .  

"It's one of the best groups available in my opinion."

"The topic and material was very helpful to help us be successful in our lives and to teach us."

"I'm setting my goals - this program is helping me."

"Gives hope where once feeling I had none."

Participants receive a certificate of completion that is also sent to their judge, PO, and put in their file at the prison.

The focus is on empowering program participants with tools and knowledge to help them be successful upon their release from prison. It seems to be working, as evidenced by the recidivism outcomes for program participants:

• 26% overall recidivism rate for participating inmates (through March 2013)

o 10% reincarcerated for new charges
o 14% reincarcerated for PV's
o 2% reincarcerated for child support