Child Support and Incarcerated Parents

on Tuesday - October 30, 2012.

One of the many challenges people face upon release from prison is accumulated child support debt. The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement recently published a fact sheet titled "Realistic Child Support Orders for Incarcerated Parents" that highlights "opportunities to encourage incarcerated parents to engage with the child support system, to reduce or suspend orders during incarceration to avoid arrears, and to offer post-incarceration child support services."

The Realistic Child Support Orders for Incarcerated Parents fact sheet is available here

In addition, the National Reentry Resource Center recently interviewed OCSE Senior Program Analyst, Adrienne Noti, about  child support and incarcerated parents.

The Q&A from the Adrienne Noti interview can be found here. 

The Lancaster County Domestic Relations office provides answers to frequently asked questions about child support here