Criminogenic Risk and Behavioral Health Needs Framework tool just released

on Monday - October 01, 2012.

A just-released report from the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center, National Institue of Corrections (NIC) and Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) outlines a newly developed tool called the Criminogenic Risk and Behavioral Health Needs Framework.

This framework "weaves together the science on risk and needs to provide an approach to achieve better outcomes for adults in contact with the criminal justice system with substance use disorders, mental illness, or both."

This tool can be used at the corrections and behavioral health systems level to prioritize scarce resources based on objective assessments of individuals' risk of committing a future crime and their treatment and support needs. The accompanying report emphasizes the importance of true collaboration between corrections staff and treatment professionals, using interventions both within prison settings and in the community.

The CSG report also addresses myths about connections between mental illness and violence, and focuses on possibilities for recovery and rehabilitation, using scarce resources in the most effective ways possible.

Here's the full report, titled 

Adults with Behavioral Health Needs under Correctional Supervision: A Shared Framework for Reducing Recidivism and Promoting Recovery