on Saturday - November 26, 2016.

Thanks to the generosity of 114 donors, the RMO secured $13,204 in donations through the ExtraOrdinary Give! This allowed us to receive an additional $12,500 in matching funds, provided by several additional generous supporters.

In addition to this total of $25,704, we will also receive a pro-rated portion of the ExtraOrdinary Give "Stretch Pool" dollars! This was truly a remarkable day for the RMO!

These funds will allow us to serve even more returning citizens with our RMO programs and services so they can successfully complete treatment and trainings, learn valuable life skills, get jobs, stay clean and sober, pay their child support, restitution and bills, re-build relationships with their families, and lead crime-free, healthy lives with meaning and purpose.

And when returning citizens are successful, our community is safer, which helps ALL of us!

THANK YOU to our generous donors and supporters! YOU are ExtraOrdinary! WE are Grateful!