New Pew Report: "High Cost, Low Return of Longer Prison Terms"

on Monday - July 16, 2012.

A new report by the Pew Center on the States reports that prison sentences have lengthened dramatically in the past 20 years, costing states millions of additional dollars. Yet, the report says, "For a substantial number of offenders, there is little or no evidence that keeping them locked up longer prevents additional crime."

According to the Pew research, in Pennsylvania, "The average offender released in 2009 served 32% more than the average offender released in 1990" at a total added cost to Pennsylvania taxpayers of $316.6 Million. Length of time served by PA's violent offenders grew 44% between 1990 - 2009, and length of time served by PA inmates charged with drug offenses also grew 44% in that same time period. As of 2009, Pennsylvania also had the second longest average length of time served in the US.

Click here for the full Pew report.

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