Resources for Returning Citizens and Their Families

Written by Melanie G. Snyder on Tuesday - August 28, 2012.

The Lancaster County RMO is pleased to offer these resources for returning citizens and their families, as well as for professionals and others who work with them:

Self Sufficiency Reference Guide: a guide to social service agencies, supportive services, free community meals, and other resources that can be helpful to individuals and families in the areas of housing, transportation, financial matters, parenting, health care, mental health, food, clothing, employment, education and other areas. Published in partnership with United Way of Lancaster County

How to Explain Jails and Prisons to Children: A Caregivers Guide - this guide provides tips for caregivers and parents to answer children's questions about having a parent in prison or jail, how to support the child and the incarcerated parent, tips for visitation and letter writing between parent and child, and other essential information to support families through this difficult situation. Published in partnership with Children of Incarcerated Parents Network of Lancaster County.

Job Search Checklist: a guide to the essential steps involved in searching for employment, especially for those who may have little to no prior employment experience. Produced by the Employment Action Team of the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness.

Job Search Checklist - Forms of Identification Required for Employment: Exhibit 1 of the Job Search Checklist


About the Author

Melanie G. Snyder

Melanie G. Snyder

Melanie G. Snyder serves as the Executive Director of the Lancaster County Reentry Management Organization (RMO). She was a featured TEDx speaker at the first-ever TEDx event in Lancaster. 

She is an NIC-certified Offender Workforce Development Specialist, a certified Global Career Development Facilitator, and a certified instructor for the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Healing Communities model. She is also a trained restorative justice mediator.

Prior to Melanie's involvement with the RMO, she spent several years researching and writing the book Grace Goes to Prison: An Inspiring Story of Hope and Humanity (Brethren Press, 2009), which tells the true story of a woman who volunteered in Pennsylvania's state prisons for over 30 years, creating inmate education and reentry programs based on principles of restorative justice. After Grace Goes to Prison was published, Melanie traveled throughout the United States, doing speaking engagements and meeting with other reentry and restorative justice professionals to discuss criminal justice issues and exchange information and ideas.