Additional $5K Match Challenge: Tell 5 to help the RMO reach $10K

on Saturday - November 04, 2017.


Friends - THANK YOU - YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY! We feel so incredibly blessed at the strong show of support for the #RMOforReturningCitizens during today's #ExtraGive! And we have GREAT NEWS, and EVEN GREATER NEWS! 

First, the GREAT NEWS: We originally had $10,000 in matching funds, thanks to some ExtraOrdinary, generous anonymous donors! And we have been blessed to receive $10,172 so far in ExtraGive donations - so $10,000 of those donations have been MATCHED, dollar for dollar. 

NOW for the EVEN GREATER NEWS: We have just gotten an ADDITIONAL $5000 in MATCHING FUNDS for donations made between now and midnight: so every additional donation up to $5000 for the rest of the ExtraGive will ALSO be matched, dollar for dollar! 

So, tell your friends, family, acquaintances why YOU believe in the RMO and let's see if we can finish the night meeting this additional match!

Here's the link one more time - and do be sure to ask people to type “RMO” into the field titled “Notes and/or gifts made in memorial/honor” on the donation form so that their donation will be credited to the RMO.

Thank you so much!


The RMO for Returning Citizens (aka Re-Entry Management Organization) is participating in the 2017 ExtraGive under our new parent organization, Community Action Partnership (CAP) of Lancaster County.

And thanks to some very generous RMO supporters, all donations to the RMO up to $10,000 through this year's ExtraOrdinary Give will be MATCHED, dollar for dollar!

So, we're asking our supporters to do two things:
1) Will you please make a donation to the RMO during the ExtraGive? (see details below) and

2) Will you also "TELL FIVE, to help us REACH TEN": Will you please tell FIVE of your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and/or family members why YOU support and believe in the mission of the RMO, and then ask THEM to consider making a donation to the RMO during the ExtraGive as well, so we can fully leverage the $10,000 in matching funds?

As a special "Thank You", every donor who contributes to the RMO during this year's ExtraGive will receive one of our 2018 "Voices of Hope and Resilience" calendars. This inspirational calendar addresses themes such as gratitude, forgiveness, trust, courage, resilience, and much more. All of the art, quotes, and even the graphic design for this calendar were created by our local returning citizens: people who have been incarcerated in Lancaster County Prison or other PA prisons and jails.

Now, for the pertinent details on how to donate through the ExtraGive:

The date of this year's ExtraGive is Friday, November 17, 2017, from 12:01am – 11:59pm.

To donate to the RMO during the ExtraGive, visit CAP's ExtraGive donations page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be sure to type "RMO" into the field titled "Notes and/or gifts made in memorial/honor" on the donation form so that your donation will be credited to the RMO.

Thank you so much for supporting the RMO in these two meaningful ways. We are so very grateful for your support and encouragement, and our returning citizens are too!