Trauma trainings for Lancaster County corrections and parole officers

on Friday - July 21, 2017.

The RMO for Returning Citizens recently provided training to over 400 corrections officers and parole officers in Lancaster County. This work was featured in a recent article in the Lancaster Newspaper (link below).

This was a truly collaborative effort, with partners from Spanish American Civic Association, Advoz, CompassMark and Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County all assisting with the training.

The training team was: Melanie Snyder (RMO-lead instructor), Allison Weber (SACA), Vanessa Philbert (CAP), Jen Strasenburgh (CompassMark), & Angela Keen (CCP), and my fantastic RMO interns (both Millersville University students) Lindsay Mays (MSW candidate) & Beckah Shenk (BSW candidate).

We are also very grateful to the Walters / Unitarian Church Trust, an endowment from Art and Selma Walters to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster (UUCL) for funding part of this training through a grant to the RMO. In awarding this grant, the UUCL Board has acknowledged the contributions of the RMO to achieving the vision of inclusiveness among all humans as well as respect for the dignity and worth of each individual, as promoted by the Walters Trust and UUCL. We are deeply honored to have been awarded this grant from the Walters Trust and UUCL.

This first round of trainings for prison and probation/parole staff is the beginning of the RMO's effort to build the foundation for a trauma-informed criminal justice system in Lancaster County.

Here's the LNP article: